Futon Mattress On Sofa Bed

Can I Use a Futon Mattress as a Sofa or Bed?

One of the challenges you’ll have when buying a new futon is finding one that is flexible enough to use as both a sofa and a bed, depending on how you need it in the moment.

Sure, every futon can transition from one configuration to another. After all, that’s what they are designed for. There is a world of difference between how well some of these transition and it all comes down to how good your futon mattress is at the end of the day.

Finding the right futon mattress is the key piece to the puzzle. And what’s what this detailed guide is all about. So let’s jump in to it…


As highlight above, the real beauty of this piece of furniture – and the whole reason it exists, really – is to that futons are flexible enough to do double duty.

In one setup, with the futon frame folded into it’s “normal position” you’ll be able to use the furniture comfortably as a sofa. Unfold things and lay them flat (it takes about two minutes to make the transition) and you’ve got yourself a great little bed that guests can crash on, too.

But the secret here to making the most of your futon is finding one with a mattress high quality enough to be comfortably used in both situations. And that’s a little more challenging than most expect.

You see, most folks are looking for something total different when it comes to the way a sofa feels compared to a bed. Most folks want something a little stronger, a little more supportive, and a little stiffer when they sit on a sofa – and then they want something softer, something a little more comfortable, and something a little squishier when they lay down on a bed.

With that futon mattress having to be both a sofa cushion and a bed all at once, striking a balance is critical.

Below you’ll find all the inside information you need to know about getting the best futon mattress that works in both ways perfectly!

What To Look For In A High Quality Futon Mattress

Though there are a couple of things you need to think about when searching for a new futon mattress, there are really three things above all else that you want to zero in on:

  • Build Quality
  • Fabric Choice
  • Soft/Hardness

Get one of those three things right and the futon will be halfway decent. Get two of them right, and the experience of sitting or sleeping will probably be quite good (with the other a little lacking).

Knock all three of these key components out of the park, though, and you’ll be more than happy to flip your futon mattress from a sofa to a bed and then back again.

Build Quality

Above all else, the build quality of the mattress needs to be top tier across the board. Thankfully, though, with a futon you don’t have to spend a mountain of money to get something really nice.

Most futon mattresses are pretty small. They’re a different size even than a single bed, which means you can use a lot of premium materials and build components without jacking the price through the roof.

Always look for a way to find something that has a reputation for being well made, that comes from a company you can trust, and that uses only quality stuffing and craftsmanship to put it together.

Fabric Choice

The fabric choices you have available to pick from with futon mattresses are second to none.

Seriously. There are more options available today than ever before, ranging from traditional cotton options to modern technical fabrics, synthetics, and all kinds of other fibers and materials.

The important thing to do here is to find something soft, something comfortable and something cozy – as both a bed and a sofa – but also to find fabrics that are durable, too.

Natural fabrics will almost always be more comfortable but they usually don’t have the strength or the durability for the long haul. Technical fabrics are bit together to care for and a little less comfortable, but they usually last and last (forever, really).


Finally, you’ll want to look for a futon mattress that has a certain level of support and stability that makes it work as a couch or sofa without forcing you to feel like you’re sleeping on the ground when it’s become a bed.

Of all the different challenges you’ll have hunting for a great futon mattress, none of them are going to be as tough to overcome as this one.

Striking that balance between soft and cozy and harder as well a supportive is so subjective. Worse, judging options that you’re ordering online (or at least not in person) only makes things even tougher.

If you can park your behind on the mattress before buying it (just to give it a dry run) do read as many reviews as you can before making a purchase. You want to know exactly what you are getting into, finding a futon that doubles as a sofa and a bed without making either one uncomfortable.

Making The Most Of Your Futon Mattress

At the end of the day, there are a lot of people that are choosing to get a secondary bed frame or sofa frame that folds out and can use the same mattress as the futon you’ve ordered.

Folks are going in this direction because the way the futon frame is setup changes the way the mattress feels, too.

A frame that is really tight and constricting will make the mattress a little stiffer and a little harder. A frame that is sort of loose or sloppy is going to allow the mattress to sort of stretch out and become a little softer.

Getting separate frames that can use your futon mattress could help you better strike the balance you’re after, without having to spend too much more money along the way. It’s something to consider, at least, if you want to be sure you can use your futon as a sofa or a bed!

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