Things To Consider When Choosing A Futon Mattress

3 Things To Consider When Choosing A Futon Mattress

Futon mattresses are multi-functional. You may use a futon for seating and sleeping. A futon mattress can be tweaked to take different forms, albeit limited to its flexibility. Thus it can serve a specific function you deem fit.

There are different types of futon mattress. The differences include size, shape, flexibility, material and fillings, among others. These features should be assessed and several models should be considered before making a decision. Here is a comprehensive list of the most important things to consider when choosing a futon mattress.

Note Your Requirements

Make a list of your requirements, which would also serve as the criteria for choosing one futon mattress over others. Begin with the available space. You must have chosen a room and a particular place in it where the futon would be set up. It may be a living room, a guest room, or one of the bedrooms. Measure the space. Do not presume the available space to be sufficient for any standard size. Futons come in a few standard dimensions, including chair size, twin size, queen size, and king size. Depending on the type or style of futon, these dimensions can vary, even if they are labeled as any of the four standard sizes. The chair size is not always identical to the dimensions of an ottoman.

Note the dimensions of space available, for both when the futon would be folded and laid out. The second consideration is purpose. Most people use futons for both seating and sleeping. However, the frequency of using the mattress to sleep overnight, for a power nap, or siesta, will influence the choice of material, fillings, and cost. Cheaper futons are not ideal for everyday sleeping. Also, inferior quality futon mattresses tend to lose shape and form when they are folded and spread out every now and then. Both space and purpose will determine your third consideration at the outset: the budget.

Types of Futon Mattress

Your requirements are of utmost priority. Only then should you consider the available options. There are three types of futon mattress and frame:

  • bi-fold
  • tri-fold
  • loveseat

These futons types are available as standalone frames and mattresses, as well as a package. You can buy only the mattress if you already have a frame. In such a scenario, the frame you already have will dictate the choice of type of futon mattress.

A bi-fold futon is folded once. It is the most common type of futon mattress used around the world. A bi-fold futon mattress usually gets folded in half, or midway and the length is used for seating.

A tri-fold futon gets folded twice, usually in three equal parts. The width of a tri-fold futon mattress gets used for seating. This variety is also referred to as lounger futon. A loveseat futon is almost like a standalone sofa. It may be two pieces of mattress, or one bi-fold variant but it is not as big or large.

You will need to buy a compatible frame for your chosen futon mattress, or vice versa. You can consider a package of a frame and mattress. You may use an existing frame as well. Most futon frames are made of wood or metal. Beyond the types and the sizes, there are distinct styles of futon mattresses and frames. You may choose a traditional style, which is almost identical to a couch or classic sofa. There are frames that are designed with arms and without. There is a lounge futon that has a more reclined backrest. There is a bunk bed variant.

Aesthetics and Features

A metal futon frame would be a mismatch in a wooden setting. Likewise, a wooden futon frame would not be suited for a room that has furniture mostly of metal, alloy and plastic.

Choose the material of the frame as per the setting and aesthetics of the room you have chosen. Futon mattresses comes in many colors. The color may not be that important if you are going to use a cover. Many futon mattresses come with covers. Check the physical aesthetics of the mattress. There are various designs available, covering all kinds of indentations. Choose a cover that has an accentuating effect in the chosen room.

The primary features of a futon mattress shall depend on the type, size and style you choose. Whether it would fold once or twice, if you would get to use its length or width for seating, the thickness or depth of the mattress, weight and flexibility, all such features would depend on the chosen type, size and style.

The other major features would depend on the materials, especially fillings. Always prioritize comfort, weight, flexibility, ease of folding ; laying out and durability.

Materials & Fillings

Since it is likely you would be using a cover, the encasing material of the mattress does not necessarily have to be elegant or regal.

Choose a performance fabric for the cover. It should be washable. Performance fabrics are resistant to stains. You can easily wipe, blot and clean marks off such fabrics. You may choose natural fabrics as well. The cover is important, but not as much as the fillings.

The fillings of a futon mattress make the product what it is. There are around five fillings that are widely used by manufacturers. These are cotton, polyester, foam, wool and inner springs or coil spring.

Many companies use a combination, such as cotton and polyester, cotton and foam, or cotton, foam, and polyester. The fillings have a direct bearing on almost everything about the futon mattress. Comfort and durability are a result of many features. These are not a feature by itself. Both comfort and durability of a futon mattress depend on four major features, or factors. These are weight, firmness, rigidity and flexibility.

Innersprings or coil spring mattress and cotton mattress are heavier than other fillings. Cotton mattress and polyester mattress are firmer than other fillings, followed by innersprings. Innersprings mattress and cotton ; foam mattress are the most rigid, followed by polyester. Cotton mattress is the most flexible, followed by cotton ; polyester combo, cotton ; foam combo and polyester. Inner springs or coil spring mattress is the least flexible.

Final Thoughts….

Use all of the pointers discussed in this guide as the most important things to consider when choosing a futon mattress. You should consider the price in the end, after shortlisting a few futon mattresses that are most suitable for you.

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